How to negotiate prices in India ?

Negociate prices
photo How to negotiate prices in India ?

As a foreigner, it may seem to be different to you to go shopping in India. Indian people tend to tell the highest price to foreigners. And they have the special price for local people. It is not really convenient to pay the first asking price. You may get the goods with lower price by negotiating. This is why it is important to learn some tips about bargaining in India before going to the market.

Some interesting things to know about negotiating prices in India

  •  Go shopping earlier

Firstly, you need to go shopping early. Indian vendors consider the first sale of the day as a good change to start. So you may get the best price in the early shopping. 

  • Have fun

Indian people are very known by their warm welcome. Shopping is something funny. Don't do it as you are in a big deal. Just smile and ask happily. Going shopping in India is not really hard. 

  • Act normally

When you ask the price, just act as usual. Don't look really amazed by the thing you are looking for. Just take a look and ask the price. They will answer you with the highest price. So look as if you are extremely surprised by the price and say that it is not within your reach. It is the first attitude that pushes them make it cheaper.

  •  Bargain less than the half price

When you start negotiating the price, remember you can ask less than the half of it. They are used to asking more than the right price. If you immediately pay, you may lose a great sum. For example, if a vendor asks 500 you, can say 200. Note: Don't ask too low, you may make them angry.

  •  Buy more

If you want to buy many items, the negotiation will be easier for you. But first, you would better negotiate for one piece. When they accept, you will get the rest with the same price.

  • Pretend to take your way

After bargaining the price and they never accept it, you can pretend to leave it. So they will call you back if the price you proposed works with the goods. If they don't call you, your proposal price is too low. You can then go back to them. It does not matter, they will be happy for that. 

  • Get satisfied

It is not a good attitude to feel bad after the purchase. This is to say that you should try getting them the look of a person who is happy for the goods. No matter how hard the negotiation was, you should be happy and show it because they are happy for you. Don't feel as if you did the purchase by mistake.

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