Best indian art and craft to buy there

Indian art
photo Best indian art and craft to buy there

India is a fascinating holiday destination because of its rich cultural diversity, crafts and arts. In fact, India is an interesting shopping destination if you are looking for unique works of art and crafts.

If you are looking for authentic arts and crafts in India, you should go to Raghurajpur Odisha, to Nayagram, West Bengal, and to Swamimalai, Tamil Nadu. To make your art shopping trip to India more fascinating, it is necessary to have some ideas on what pieces of art work and craft to buy before going there.

India, a country rich in art and craft diversity

India is rich in art and craft diversity. In fact, India is endowed with hundreds of exotic art forms which are unique to the country. However, due to the advances in technology, traditional art works and crafts, which were crafted by hand, are being replaced with machine-made products. This report by eDreams shows the great values of India's traditional arts and crafts and where to find them.

  • Basket weaving: Bamboo baskets used to be popular in India. They characterized the people of Assam. 
  • Ranthambhore, Madhubani, and Chamba rumal paintings: these works of art consist respectively in painting wildlife, painting geometrical patterns on cloths, and embroidering handkerchief. 
  • Pottery making: It is mainly funded in Jaipur, India. It consists in making pottery and vases with hand. 
  • Kundan and Meenakari: this consists in making jewelry by hand. Gold is valuable and a piece of jewelry made of gold and especially made by hand is unsafe nowadays.

Unique works of art

Traditional art works were made by hand. This gives more beauty and value to the Indian crafts and art work. In fact, simple technique was used, but the results were so outstanding. 

  • Handloom weaving: This is the art of weaving thread into cloth by hand. It used to be popular, but now weaving is made with machines. 
  • Rogan painting: It is the art of printing cloths. It originated in Kutch, Gujarat. It is a traditional art which consists of painting a solid-patterned cloth with natural paint in order to get a printed tissue. It is also known as kalamkari. 
  • Kendrapara animating: It consists of animating puppets with ropes and telling stories through the characters displayed by the puppets. Puppet shows used to be popular in India. The tradition is being replaced by videos and internet.

Plan your trip to India

It is worthwhile to travel to India if you are looking for original and affordable arts or crafts. If you are passionate in art collection, then, it is a good idea to shop for arts and crafts in India.

To start with, go on the internet and look for interesting and affordable pieces. Then, plan your trip to India. By visiting the eDreams website, you can easily book your flights and find a suitable accommodation for your stay. eDreams is an online travel agency which liaises with tour operators and hotels around the world. Car rental services are also available at the best price to make your trip across India more comfortable. Happy traveling!