A trip in India : markets, fabric, spices…

A trip in India : markets, fabric, spices…

Yoga is the most famous typically Indian discipline. It currently influences almost every country in the world because it allows communion with the individual and universal soul. It helps to awaken the best of man to the whole practice.

But yoga is not the only thing that attracts people to India; there is also their music, which is divided in two: the Hindustani style of the North and the Carnatic style of the South. Both styles have a popular tradition that illustrates the Indian rural life and is respected and appreciated by all. If you want to discover other aspects of this vast territory that is India, go through this article.

Spices: one of the main ingredients in Indian cuisine

The cuisine of India is one of the characteristics explaining the good reputation of the country. It offers different ways of cooking which is usually spicy. Spices are part of almost every dish and that is what gives it its particular flavor. The Indian gastronomy is distinctly divided into two: the specialties of North India and those of the South, and among these, one shouldn't miss: ­

  • The Aloo Gobi: this traditional dish made with potatoes and cauliflower is composed of many spices mainly Masala, ginger, caraway, curry and red pepper. ­
  • The Chapati: this bread sheet made from wheat flour is eaten and used as a spoon for all meals. ­
  • The Dhal: known for its scented smell, it is composed of lentils and multiple spices. ­
  • Samosas: these famous square triangles are of Indian origin; they are made from fine wheat paste and filled with vegetables, meat, pepper and spices. ­
  • Tandoori chicken: chicken marinated in yoghurt and many spices, this orange-red dish is legendary. ­
  • Thali: an association of dishes to mix with your fingers; a mixed flavor, you will taste it in small containers.

The Artisanal Fabric in India

The creation and manufacture of fabrics is important in India because it requires a lot of work. A total number of 10 million weavers, embroiderers and dyers produce a variety of fabrics; all beautiful and endowed with unique styles.

Most of the fabrics come from Indian handicrafts and the dyes are natural and vivid, that is why their fabrics are requested almost everywhere in the world. There are fabrics batik meter, these fabrics are printed with wooden stamps and can be used in clothing, curtains, tablecloths.

The printed fabrics are knowable at first sight because as the name suggests, they look like photos. The knitted or woven fabrics have simple patterns for example tiles, perfect for clothing or adorn the furniture of the house.

Live Markets: A Promising Journey to India

The atmosphere is unforgettable in the markets of India. During your holidays in India, do not miss a visit to their markets. These are filled with different varieties of vegetables, meats, spices of all kinds.

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